Canterbury Coffee staff drink a lot of coffee, and once in a while we like to get creative. We’ve asked our staff for some of their secret recipes and have brought you the best!

1. Mocha Protein Smoothie


Cold brew coffee blended with frozen banana, almond milk and mocha protein powder.”I make the cold version of this recipe during the summer months.” John from Vernon said.


“I prepare the cold brew on Saturday night. Then on Sunday morning I go for a 20k or 30k run in the hot Okanagan sunshine, and then make this after.”


1 cup chilled coffee
¼ cup coconut or almond milk
½ cup ice or 1 frozen banana

John A. | Vernon branch | Service Supervisor



2. Toscano Tini

So good it’s worth sharing. Who are you shaking a #KahluaEspressoMartini for tonight? #KahluaCocktails

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A rich drink made with our reSIProcate Espresso Toscano, baileys, vodka and chocolate sauce.

1.5 oz Baileys
1 oz Vodka
1 shot Espresso Toscano
1 oz Chocolate sauce

Doug C. | Victoria branch | Regional Manager


Another version of this from Paul, our Director of IT has Kahlua instead of Baileys, check out his recipe here.


3. Seattle Chiffon Cake

Seattle Chiffon Cake with Coffee

This easy and quick-to-make cake is made with coffee as the “secret ingredient”. Chiffon cakes tend to feature delicate aromas such as lemon. This cake takes a different route to flavor with rich-tasting cocoa powder, cinnamon, and brewed espresso. Walnut oil gives the cake a delightfully nutty quality, but you could also use extra-light olive oil or canola oil.

Alisha R. | Burnaby branch | Inside Sales



4. Orange and Cardamom Cold-Brewed Coffee

Orange Cardamom Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

A spicy spin on the trending cold-brew coffee.

Zest the orange, and combine with the coffee, cardamom, and water in a jar with a lid. That’s it. Let sit for 24 hours, then strain through a coffee filter. Serve over ice (you can also water it down if it’s too strong for your taste), and a well-stirred dollop of sweetened condensed milk if desired.

Shelaine C. | Burnaby branch | Marketing



5. Easy Coffee Flan

Coffee Flan - pinterest

This easy flan recipe is a variation on the classic Spanish vanilla custard called “flan” in Spanish. Espresso coffee gives this flan a wonderfully rich flavor, making it a perfect dessert to enjoy with a glass of after-dinner liqueur.

Edith L. | Burnaby branch | Inside Sales Supervisor


6. Affogato

Scoop hard ice cream (Vanilla typically) into a small elegant dish or glass. Pour freshly drawn espresso over the top and place a coffee bean on the top.

“Simple elegant and delicious!”

Pam K. | Mayfield Roastery | Product Training Specialist


7. Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

It’s safe to say everyone here at Canterbury loves our coffee Ice Cream! This recipe comes in from Rebecca from Inside sales. She uses a dark roast like our Full City from the reSIProcate coffee line.

Rebecca D. | Burnaby Branch | Inside Sales