We start the year by remembering, with a smile, one of the many plant tours we conducted in 2015.

For one entire day, we hosted the production crew from The Food Network’s ‘Food Factory’  TV show, so they could learn everything there is to know about the making of our sustainable single serve – OneCoffee.

First airing last fall in an episode titled ‘Snack Odyssey,’ viewers were treated to an insider’s look at how OneCoffee’s organic and fair trade coffee is selected, tested, roasted and then transformed into 99% biodegradable* single-serve pods. Viewers also met some of our staff – a few of the many characters who make up Canterbury – and they quickly learned what we do and why we enjoy doing it. Although the premiere date has passed, you can still find the episode in reruns or you can stream it here.

If you haven’t had the chance to try a box of OneCoffee yet, contact your local territory manager or find OneCoffee at one of the many retailers on our website.  To find more about why OneCoffee makes a great cup of coffee, and is good for both people and the planet, visit the OneCoffee website here.

Here’s to starting the year with a great tasting, sustainable cup of coffee in hand!

*Based on weight, exclusive of wrappers and box. OneCoffee can be commercially composted, after filter is removed. Facilities may not exist in your area.