Introducing our newest addition to the Sacred Acre coffee program, Nicaragua Black Honey. This lightly roasted coffee is in limited supply and freshly roasted, bringing you something rare and unique. Using the most labourous and expensive coffee process — the honey process — we’ve crafted beans that will delight with their fruity acidity, brew after brew.


featured-product_flavour-profile-black-honey-tallTASTING NOTES: Caramel, apricot and freshly cut orange.


COFFEE FARM: Finca Santa Inés

COUNTRY: Nicaragua

REGION: Matagalpa

PROCESS: Honey Processed – Black

ALTITUDE: 1080 m



Finca Santa Inés is located in the region San Luis de Carateras. The farm has 12 manzanas with 7.5 manzanas of coffee. Several varieties of coffee plants contribute to this single origin from Nicaragua, most of which is the Marsellesa plant. Marsellesa cherries are sought after for their unmatched quality and resistance to leaf rust and coffee berry disease.

The Finca Santa Inés farm belongs to Carla Ines Torrez Guerrero’s father, Mr. Luis Gonzaga Torrez Flores. The farm has belonged to the same family for over three generations and has excellent growing conditions for coffee given the altitude of 1,050 to 1,127 meters above sea level.

Once the green beans have made the journey to our two roasting facilities in BC and Ontario, they’re freshly roasted in small batches under the supervision of our Roastmaster.

If you’re interested in learning more about our new Nicaraguan Black Honey or the Sacred Acre coffee program, please contact your local sales representative or message us on Facebook by clicking here.