Our People

Senior Vice President at Canterbury Coffee

Eric Lightheart

Senior Vice President

With his charisma and passion for the industry, it’s easy to see why Eric has been so successful in building relationships with our customers. After 33 years of experience in the wholesale and retail coffee business, what he enjoys most is hunting for new and exciting coffee-related products to add to our lineup.

He loves to travel and believes that seeing the world is the best way to learn about it. Which is good thing, because he logged more than 200 nights in hotels last year.

Senior Vice President at Canterbury Coffee

Gary Senez

Senior Vice President

Gary has spent the better part of the last 30 years working in the coffee business. With a passion for coffee and a keen dedication to ensuring the success of our customers, Gary works diligently on constantly improving our customer service, efficiency, and adaptation to market changes.

An avid dragon boater, his philosophy is best summed up by the words of Mary Jones: ”Live a good and honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time.”

Certified Q-Grader Roastmaster & Vice President of Production at Canterbury Coffee

John Gray

Certified Q Grader, Roastmaster & Vice President of Production

John started a summer job at Canterbury in 1983 and never left. As one of the select Certified Q Graders in Canada, he spends many long hours in the cupping lab, building the blends and roasts we sell and carefully selecting the green coffee we buy. His hands-on expertise ensures high-quality coffee and efficient operations, resulting in consistent quality for all of our customers.

When not in the lab slurping, John plays old timers ice hockey in the winter, while golf and salmon fishing occupy his idle hours in the summer.