We tried the ParticipAction 150 Play List challenge – here’s what happened!

After a spectacular display of knuckle hops by our Sales Manager, the staff at Canterbury have successfully taken part in 128 of the 150 ParticipAction play list activities.

(We dare you to click on this link if you have never seen someone do knuckle hops!)

We’re pretty proud to have been so active this year and of the remaining twenty-two activities, some we had just never heard of…


#26 Stick Pull

What is Stick Pull? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the name explains exactly what this activity is. Stick Pull was originally a game used to help strengthen the hands and wrist of the Dene (an indigenous group of First Nations in Canada) and prepare them for the fishing season. It’s played while facing your opponent, and trying to pull a large stick out of their hands (no twisting or pulling allowed!).

what is stick pull


Another of the interesting activities on this list that our team didn’t accomplish, is #31 – Kin-Ball.


#31 Kin-Ball

Kin-Ball was invented in Quebec just 5 years before our company was founded. The game is played with three teams wearing opposite colours. One player throws a giant ball up into the air and yells “Omnikin” and the color of an opposing team. Then that team must catch the ball before it touches the floor. Points are scored when the team fails to catch the ball before it touches the floor.

what is kin ball



Of course we couldn’t avoid doing some of the activities named on the ParticipAction list, for example #33 – Housework… or Yardwork.



working in back yard


We also participated in some really fun activities, like these:

#100 – Fishing

In addition to doing yardwork, Brett also loves to fish! Here’s a shot of him fishing in the river this winter.

river fishing in winter

#103 – Obstacle Course Racing.

Or these two, who have successfully finished their 5th annual Tough Mudder Obstacle Course Race in Whistler. Congratulations guys!

tough mudder five years


#95 – Trampolining

The concept of bouncing off fabric has been around for centuries – and there’s just something about this activity that makes it so fun!

trampoline jumping richmond


#101 – Swinging

Nothing brings back the thrill of childhood more than swinging on a swing set. Edith, our Customer Service Manager absolutely loves it too – can’t you tell by her smile?

swinging on swings


#129 – Basketball

Number 129 on this list has a special meaning for Canadians. Basketball was invented 129 years ago by a Canadian, Dr. James Naismith (thank-you, thank-you!). This is my personal favourite of these 150 activities, hence the dorky grin…

girl in brainstation t-shirt playing basketball


At our Burnaby office, we set up some activities to help us knock some more off the list. Besides, we love a break from our desks, especially on such a gorgeous day! Here are some photos from that and some of our other activities:

ParticipAction Play List 150