Turkey is a classic fall meal, having been enjoyed for centuries usually paired with hearty vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. So what coffees will partner well with all of the tastes and flavours of Thanksgiving Day?


Appetizer & French Roast

Before you get down to the big feast, serve a dark roast coffee that will open up the senses and get your taste buds going. You want this coffee to have a smooth finish with intense flavour, something to jumpstart your appetite for the big dinner. We recommend a combination that includes beans from Nicaragua, Peru and Sumatra. These three powerhouse-growing regions produce beans that are packed with caramel and dark chocolate flavours and generally have lower acidity than other blends and a smoky French Roast will open up your pallet well for your flavourful feast.


Turkey & Colombian

Colombian coffees are an expert choice for poultry. Turkey generally has a dryer texture, so opt to brew something smooth and well balanced. In terms of flavour you can expect a sweet wine-like texture and a herbaceous finish with subtle notes of citrus that will pair well with your seasoned turkey.


Pumpkin Pie & Ethiopian

Having caffeine after your turkey dinner will work to counteract the tryptophan (or food-coma) from your massive feast! Seek out a coffee from Ethiopia to go well with your pumpkin or apple pie. Immediately bursting with floral notes, an Ethiopian blend will contrast well against a pumpkin pie’s earthy flavours. Coffees from Ethiopia are more delicate and you’ll find the distinct flavours linger and finish with a delightful fruitiness.

The great thing about all the suggestions we’ve made is that you can brew them at home using your Keurig. Like our OneCoffee brand, we recommend an organic turkey and we encourage everyone to buy local when possible. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey!