This year’s Golden Bean competition was one of the biggest years yet, with 1300 coffee entries from 450 coffee roasters across North America. We submitted some of our favourite coffees and headed down to Nashville, Tennessee to compete in the 2019 North America Golden Bean competition. The competition was tough, but we still came home with our second Golden Bean trophy!


What is the Golden Bean North America competition?

For those of you who are new to the coffee industry, the Golden Bean Awards are a competition held yearly for coffee roasters across North America. Roasters enter their coffees into different categories based on coffee type and brewing method. Blind tastings are then arranged to allow the judges to rate the coffees on body, acidity, sweetness and taste balance.

It’s a fantastic way for roasters to feel rewarded for all their hard work and to meet fellow coffee connoisseurs who attend the event.


Canterbury Coffee has participated in the North America Golden Bean Competition for 5 years, winning several awards throughout the years. Our success has continued at Golden Bean 2019, with Canterbury Coffee bringing home 9 medals and a Golden Bean trophy for Large Franchise/Chain (our second year in a row).

Medal Highlights:

2019 – 9 medals and Golden Bean Trophy

2018 – 14 medals and Golden Bean Trophy

2017 – 6 medals

2016 – 3 medals

2015 – 3 medals


2019 Award-winning Coffees include:

reSIProcate Verita Espresso                                                                                                                           Organic Espresso – Bronze 

  • Smooth, light roast espresso with notes of currant and citrus, and a wine-like finish. Comments from Golden Bean 2019 judges include, “apple acidity” and “prominent chocolate notes”.

reSiprocate Peru                                                                                                                                                 Organic Espresso – Bronze

  • Medium roast coffee, accented with rustic tasting notes and a floral aroma. Golden Bean 2019 judges mentioned tasting notes of  “dark cocoa, grapefruit, molasses”.

reSIProcate Ethiopia Yirgacheffe                                                                                                                     Single Origin Espresso – Bronze

  • Medium roast coffee with a bright taste and hints of citrus, nutmeg and spices. Golden Bean 2019 judges commented on its “nice balance of acidity and body” and “exotic spice”.

We are so proud of our team and can’t wait until the next Golden Bean competition. Congratulations to all of our fellow coffee roasters who attended Golden Bean this year. Here’s to another great year!