Golden Bean World Series Winners

Canterbury Coffee congratulates all the participants in the 2022 inaugural Golden Bean World Series.

Golden Bean World 2022 Series Runner Up decal

Coffee roasters from all over the world took part in the first ever Golden Bean World Series that took place in Hawaii November 29 to Dec 2, 2022. The event is billed as a final competition between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere to see who is the world’s best coffee roaster.

150 entries were judged over 3 days to determine an overall champion and runner-up, as well as a large chain-store champion and runner-up.

Other awards included gold, silver and bronze medals for espresso, milk, and filter. The event also featured a single dose capsule competition with an overall winner and a large franchise winner.

Canterbury Coffee was the runner up in the Large Franchise Overall Competition, and won the single capsule competition for Large Franchise.

The full winners list;

  • Overall Champion
    • The Coffee Commune, Australia
    • Runner-Up: Bonlife Coffee Roaster, USA
  • Large Franchise/Franchise Overall Champion
    • Black Dog Roasters, Australia
    • Runner-Up: Canterbury Coffee, Canada
  • Single Capsule Competition
    • Overall: CJ’s Coffee, USA
    • Large Franchise: Canterbury Coffee, Canada
  • Espresso
    • Gold: Dr. Ruby Coffee Roasters, Australia
    • Silver: Coffee Tech Ltd, New Zealand
    • Bronze: Matiere, Republic of Korea
  • Milk-Based
    • Gold: The Coffee Commune, Australia
    • Silver: Matiere, Republic of Korea
    • Bronze: Bonlife Coffee Roasters, USA
  • Filter
    • Gold: Mavis & Co Rototuna, New Zealand
    • Silver: White Horse Coffee, Australia
    • Bronze, Folklore Coffee, USA

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