Oat Nog : A New Tradition

Oat Nog is back!

Launched in 2021, Earth’s Own Oat Nog was a runaway hit. Now it’s back in stock at Canterbury Coffee for a limited time.

It’s egg-free, lactose-free, vegan, shelf-stable, and Canadian made, but most importantly, it’s delicious.

For operators, it’s one of the easiest products out there. Storage is simple; it lives in the back of house, and only the open cartons need to be refrigerated.

There are no mixing ratios; just pour, steam, and serve. Whether you add a shot of espresso for an Oat Nog Latte or serve it straight up as a warm holiday treat, it’s perfectly sweet without being heavy.

For those licensed operators, it gets even better. It just so happens to mix beautifully with spiced rum and bourbon, and if you have a sweet tooth, even Bailey’s tastes great!

It can double as a retail option as well. Customers love taking home their favourites, and Earth’s Own Oat Nog makes it easy. It’s cute, looks great in a gift basket, and can be enjoyed by tons of people.

Rich dairy and cloying sweetness can knock us out, so this light, satisfying drink is the perfect alternative solution for those looking for a tasty holiday treat.

Check out bonus Oat Nog recipes HERE and stock up now, once it’s gone, it’s gone.