Coffee Equipment

If blended drinks are part of your business, one of these revolutionary machines should be too.

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Blendtec blenders sold through Canterbury Coffee

With a team of innovative engineers, Blendtec has taken the smoothie and frappé world by storm. Not only are their commercial blenders compact, they are powerful, durable, and quieter than most.

There’s nothing quite like the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and any one of our best-in-class brewers will guarantee the flavour to match.

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Bunn and Fetco commercial coffee brewers

Committed to coffee, BUNN is a recognizable brand with a strong presence throughout the industry. If you’re after a consistently better brew in a machine you can set and forget, BUNN is for you.

Fetco’s approach is simple. They start with core technology that’s intuitive and continually add features to meet ever-changing demands. Their patented Cascading Spray Dome allows for even saturation of the coffee bed, so you can count on a well-balanced cup every time.

The perfect shot of espresso takes skill but, with our expertly crafted blends and top-of-the-line espresso machines, you’ll be a pro from the very start.

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Espresso Machines

Rancilio commercial espresso machine

With a tradition of excellence that has been constantly improving since the 1920s, Rancilio is a first-class company in terms of technology and design, offering a full range of products to make your job easier and your coffee amazing.

Egro’s One Touch super automatic machines offer just that: one touch for perfectly crafted espresso beverages. With a simple touchscreen interface, advanced ergonomics and a stylish, compact design, they are the benchmark to beat.

Always at the cutting edge, Franke produces advanced espresso systems.

Grinding is the first step in unleashing your coffee’s potential. A precision grinder and an optimal brewing time will always lead to something special.

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Compak professional quality coffee grinders

Using precision burrs to crush, rather than cut the coffee beans, BUNN grinders deliver a consistent, quality grind. Choose from single or dual bean hoppers, with a quiet high-torque motor and a portion control system.

With Compak grinders you not only get a quiet grind, their cool grind technology also ensures the lowest heat transfer possible to maintain the integrity of the bean for perfection in every cup.

Curtis is a family-owned company that transitioned into the digital age without sacrificing any of the quality craftsmanship they’re known for.

Fetco’s precision dual grinders instill confidence with flawless commercial-grade results every time.

With close to a century of Italian heritage, innovation, design, and technology to back up every piece of equipment, Rancilio’s grinders are first class.

And More

Besides our impressive selection of blenders, brewers, and grinders, we also carry thermal servers, hot water machines, beverage dispensing machines and granita machines, to keep your hot drinks piping hot and your cold drinks chilled.

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  • FTFair Trade
  • SOSpecial Order Products not regularly stocked. 1-2 weeks lead time. (3-4 weeks in Eastern Canada.)
  • ODOn Demand Products not regularly stocked. 7-9 weeks lead time. Minimum order 1 case.
BrandNameProduct ImageDescriptonProduct TypeUnitItem#
Decanter Decaf Orange HandleDecanter Decaf Orange HandleGlass brewed coffee pot with orange handle, with Canterbury Coffee logo.Accessorieseach319020
Decanter Regular Brown HandleDecanter Regular Brown HandleGlass brewed coffee pot with brown handle, with Canterbury Coffee logo.Accessorieseach319000
Vacuum ThermosVacuum ThermosStainless steel 1.9 L coffee server.Thermal Serverseach420260

Toddy Cold Brew System
Toddy Cold Brew SystemThis countertop foodservice brewer (BPA free) uses a strainer, a filter and 5 lbs. of freshly ground coffee to produce your own cold brew coffee concentrate. Use your favourite coffee and store it in the fridge, in an airtight container for 1-2 weeks. Filter and strainer are included. Brewerseach332100

Dual Universal Stand
Art PlasticsDual Universal StandUniversal stand.Standseach420100

Short Condiment
Art PlasticsShort CondimentShort condiment stand.Accessorieseach420120

Single Stand
Art PlasticsSingle StandSingle stand.Standseach420130

Tall Condiment
Art PlasticsTall CondimentCondiment stand.Accessorieseach420115

Total 1 Brewer
AvalonTotal 1 BrewerHigh-volume coffee brewer with 3 whole bean hoppers, 3 powder canisters and an interactive screen.Brewerseach430105

Total Lite Brewer
AvalonTotal Lite BrewerAdvanced whole bean coffee brewing technology provides convenient, affordable and flexible solutions to meet the coffee needs of today’s increasingly savvy consumers.Brewerseach430110

EZ Series Ktec Blender
BlendtecEZ Series Ktec BlenderThe ideal blender for businesses that want to launch a basic drink program, with the power and quality Blendtec® is famous for.Blenderseach430605

Q Series Ktec Blender
BlendtecQ Series Ktec BlenderOutstanding power and performance, plus exclusive sound reduction technology. All the power, speed and consistency you've come to expect with nearly half of the noise of a normal blender.Blenderseach430600

Twister Jar Kit
BlendtecTwister Jar KitDesigned to blend your thickest recipes, such as thick shakes, nut butters, dips, dressings and more.Blenderseach400970

5 Hopper Powder Unit
Bunn5 Hopper Powder UnitHot beverage dispensing machine for powdered beverage mixes, with two 10 lb hoppers and three 5 lb hoppers. Dual volt.Beverage Dispensing Machineseach434150

Axiom DV APS Short
BunnAxiom DV APS ShortShort airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432390

Axiom DV TC Brewer
BunnAxiom DV TC BrewerShort airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432440

Axiom Twin 4/2
BunnAxiom Twin 4/2Twin glass pot (6) coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432405

Axiom Twin APS
BunnAxiom Twin APSTwin airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432375

Axiom-15 TS
BunnAxiom-15 TSTall airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432425

BunnAxiom-15-3TAutomatic coffee brewer with 3 lower warmers.Brewerseach432480

Brew Wise Single Brewer
BunnBrew Wise Single BrewerBrewWise Single ThermoFresh brewer. Brews up to 43 L/hour.Brewerseach432345

BX-B Home Brewer
BunnBX-B Home BrewerVelocity brew, 10-cup home brewer in black.Brewerseach421120

BunnCW15-APSPour over airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 14 L/hour.Brewerseach432050

BunnCW15-TCTall pour over coffee brewer.Brewerseach432475

CWTF 4/2 Twin
BunnCWTF 4/2 TwinTwin glass pot (6) coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432410

BunnCWTF Twin-TCShort twin airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432355

BunnCWTF-Twin-APSTwin airpot brewer with gourmet funnel and hot water faucet. Brews up to 57 L/hour.Brewerseach432065

BunnCWTF15-3TAnalog coffee brewer with three hot plates.Brewerseach432460

CWTF15-APS Short
BunnCWTF15-APS ShortShort analog coffee brewer with hot water faucet. Brews between 14 L - 28 L per hour.Brewerseach432240

Dual Soft Heat DBC
BunnDual Soft Heat DBCBrewWise Dual Soft Heat DBC coffee brewer. Brew rate of 72 L/hour.Brewerseach432080

Dual Thermofresh DBC
BunnDual Thermofresh DBCBrewWise Dual ThermoFresh coffee brewer. Brews up to 72 L/hour.Brewerseach432395

Dual Thermofresh DBC W/Brewlock
BunnDual Thermofresh DBC W/BrewlockBrewWise Dual ThermoFresh coffee brewer. Brews up to 72 L/hour.Brewerseach432470

BunnFMD-1Beverage dispensing machine for cappuccino, espresso or hot chocolate, with one 8 lb hopper.Beverage Dispensing Machineseach432250

BunnFMD-3Beverage dispensing machine for cappuccino, espresso or hot chocolate, with three 4 lb hoppers.Beverage Dispensing Machineseach432260

BunnG-1Easy-to-use 1 lb grinder (black) for brewed coffee is perfect for coffee shops, delis, supermarkets, and other operations that sell whole bean coffee. Also available as a 3 lb grinder.Grinderseach432125

G-9 HD
BunnG-9 HDPortion control grinder for brewed coffee with timed grinding cycles. Also available in tall format or two hopper format.Grinderseach432105

BunnG9-2T DBCDual coffee grinder for brewed coffee with 5 lb hoppers.Grinderseach432290

H5 X-28
BunnH5 X-285 gal hot water dispenser.Hot Water Machineseach432140

H5E-DV, Portion Control 200F
BunnH5E-DV, Portion Control 200FPortion control hot water dispenser, with 3 volume dispense options.Hot Water Machineseach432535

BunnHW H10X10 gal hot water tower.Hot Water Machineseach432465

BunnHW15Dual voltage 15 gal hot water dispenser.Hot Water Machineseach432215

BunnHW2Keep a steady supply of hot water readily available in your kitchen prep areas with this 2 gal stainless steel hot water dispenser.Hot Water Machineseach432135

LPG Grinder
BunnLPG GrinderLow profile single hopper grinder for brewed coffee that is only 15 inch high. This stainless steel, single hopper coffee grinder has a quiet, high torque motor that quickly processes each batch. Also available in black.Grinderseach432100

MCO My Cafe Office
BunnMCO My Cafe OfficeMy Cafe Office Single-Serve cartridge automatic brewer. Dispenses 4 oz - 16 oz beverages.Brewerseach432510

MCR My Cafe Reservoir
BunnMCR My Cafe ReservoirMy Cafe Single-Serve automatic commercial brewer. Compatible with K-Cups®.Brewerseach432485

MCU Home Brewer
BunnMCU Home BrewerHome coffee brewer. Compatible with K-Cups®.Brewerseach432495

MHG Black Grinder
BunnMHG Black GrinderProgrammable dual 5lb hopper grinder for brewed coffee, in black.Grinderseach432365

MHG Grinder
BunnMHG GrinderProgrammable dual 5lb hopper grinder for brewed coffee, in stainless steel.Grinderseach432340

RWS1 Warmer Stand
BunnRWS1 Warmer StandWarmer stand for satellite brewers. To be used with 1 or 1.5 gal (3.8 or 5.7 liters) servers.Coffee Warmerseach421010

RWS2 Warmer Stand
BunnRWS2 Warmer StandWarmer stand for 1.9L glass pots.Coffee Warmerseach421015

Single ThermoFresh
BunnSingle ThermoFreshSingle 3 batch size selection ThermoFresh coffee brewer.Brewerseach432455

BunnSmartwave15-APSSmartWAVE airpot brewer. Brews up to 15 L/hour.Brewerseach432435

Soft Heat Server
BunnSoft Heat Server1.5 gal portable coffee server with brew-through lid.Thermal Serverseach421050

Soft Heat Server Stand
BunnSoft Heat Server StandThis dual docking station holds BUNN® Soft Heat® servers and will keep coffee hot for hours.Standseach421055

Soft Heat Server Stand
BunnSoft Heat Server StandOne position server stand that holds a BUNN® Soft Heat® servers, and keeps coffee hot for hours.Standseach421060

Thermofresh Server
BunnThermofresh Server1.5 gal ThermoFresh black serve, in black. Has a visible gauge so you know when you are running low.Thermal Serverseach421110

Thermofresh Server
BunnThermofresh Server1.5 gal ThermoFresh stainless steel server. Has a visible gauge so you know when you are running low.Thermal Serverseach421095

ThermoFresh Server Stand
BunnThermoFresh Server StandStand for one 1.5 gal ThermoFresh server, with base.Standseach421080

ThermoFresh Server Stand without Base
BunnThermoFresh Server Stand without BaseStand for one 1.5 gal ThermoFresh server, in black.Standseach421075

Titan 3 Gal Server
BunnTitan 3 Gal ServerThe Titan ThermoFresh 3 gal insulated server is for use with Bunn Titan dual brewers. Its heavy-duty insulation will keep coffee hot for hours, allowing you to brew large amounts of coffee ahead of time.Thermal Serverseach421115

Titan Dual Brewer
BunnTitan Dual BrewerDual high-volume coffee brewer. Brews up to 130 L/hour.Brewerseach432420

Titan Single Brewer
BunnTitan Single BrewerA high-volume solution using fresh ground coffee and featuring Digital Brewer Control, with portable servers.Brewerseach432540

U3 Urn/By Pass
BunnU3 Urn/By Pass11 L coffee machine urn. Brew up to 62 L/hour.Brewerseach432090

Ultra-2 Gourmet Ice W/S
BunnUltra-2 Gourmet Ice W/SHigh-performance granita machine.Granita Machineseach432195

BunnVP17-1BPour over coffee brewer with 1 lower warmer. Brews up to 14 L/hour.Brewerseach432010

BunnVP17-2BPour over coffee brewer with 2 warmers.Brewerseach432015

BunnVP17-3BPour over coffee brewer with 3 warmers. Brews up to 3.8 gal/hour.Brewerseach432020

WX1 Single Warmer
BunnWX1 Single WarmerCoffee warmer for single glass carafe.Coffee Warmerseach421030

WX2 Decanter Warmer
BunnWX2 Decanter WarmerCoffee warmer for two glass carafes.Coffee Warmerseach421025

Container LCD500
CambroContainer LCD500Insulated 5 gal coffee dispenser, good for remote on-site dispensing.Insulated Beverage Dispenserseach420300

F10 Dyntamp
CompakF10 DyntampEspresso grinder with programmable shot times, digital display and lever tamper.Grinderseach430225

K10 Conic Fresh
CompakK10 Conic FreshEspresso grinder with programmable shot times and digital display, in black.Grinderseach430220

K6 Barista
CompakK6 BaristaEspresso grinder with auto-stop.Grinderseach430200

K6 Standard
CompakK6 StandardStandard espresso grinder.Grinderseach430205

K8 Grinder
CompakK8 GrinderEspresso grinder with digital display.Grinderseach430215

3 Hopper Powder Unit
Curtis3 Hopper Powder UnitHot beverage dispensing machine for powdered cappuccino, hot cocoa, chai and more, with three 4 lb hoppers.Beverage Dispensing Machineseach434145

Cur D1000 GT 12A
CurtisCur D1000 GT 12ATwin airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 57 L /hour.Brewerseach434125

Cur D500GT H52 DV Tall
CurtisCur D500GT H52 DV TallTall dual voltage coffee brewer.Brewerseach434130

D1000 AP
CurtisD1000 APDual APS coffee brewer.Brewerseach434075

D500GT 52A
CurtisD500GT 52AStandard height dual voltage coffee brewer.Brewerseach434100

CurtisDT-1515 inch stainless steel drip tray, with removable grill.Accessorieseach434065

CurtisDT-88 inch stainless steel drip tray, with removable grill.Accessorieseach434060

Gemini 612ll D-10
CurtisGemini 612ll D-10Digital dual 1.5 gal coffee brewer with warmers.Brewerseach434020

Gemini TLP
CurtisGemini TLPCompact short coffee brewer for low cabinet application.Brewerseach434080

TLPA Brewer
CurtisTLPA BrewerUltra compact airpot coffee brewer. Brews up to 17 L/hour.Brewerseach434095

TLXP 12 Server
CurtisTLXP 12 ServerStainless steel 1.2L server.Thermal Serverseach423080

KE640 Espresso Grinder
DittingKE640 Espresso GrinderEspresso grinder.Grinderseach430730

One Touch Pure Coffee BP
EgroOne Touch Pure Coffee BPSemi-automatic espresso machine, comes with I-Steam and Americano bypass.Espresso Machineeach435090

One Touch Top Milk BP Self Serve
EgroOne Touch Top Milk BP Self ServeFully automatic espresso machine with fridge unit and Americano bypass.Espresso Machineeach435105

One Touch Top Milk XP
EgroOne Touch Top Milk XPFully automatic espresso machine with fridge unit, including I-steam and Americano bypass.Espresso Machineeach435085

One Touch Top Milk XP Powder
EgroOne Touch Top Milk XP PowderFully automatic espresso machine with fridge unit, powder unit, I-steam and Americano bypass.Espresso Machineeach435100

CBS 2031E Dual Volt
FetcoCBS 2031E Dual VoltTwin dual voltage 0.05 gal and 1 gal coffee brewer.Brewerseach433200

CBS 2032S W/ Brewlock
FetcoCBS 2032S W/ BrewlockSingle dual voltage 0.05 gal and 1 gal coffee brewer.Brewerseach433215

CBS 52H 15-1
FetcoCBS 52H 15-1Twin 1.5 gal coffee brewer. Brews 42 L - 125 L/hour.Brewerseach433095

CBS-51H-15 C51026
FetcoCBS-51H-15 C51026Single 1.5 gal coffee brewer. Brews 17 L - 74 L/hour.Brewerseach433000

CBS-61H C61046
FetcoCBS-61H C61046Single 3 gal coffee brewer. Brews 45 L - 102 L/hour.Brewerseach433020

CBS-62H C62016
FetcoCBS-62H C62016Twin 3 gal coffee brewer. Brews 68 L - 205 L/hour.Brewerseach433025

CBS-72 ACB C72038
FetcoCBS-72 ACB C72038Twin 12 gal coffee brewer.Brewerseach433030

G 1.2 Grinder
FetcoG 1.2 Grinder1 hopper grinder for brewed coffee with 2 batch size selection.Grinderseach433175

G 1.3 Grinder
FetcoG 1.3 Grinder1 hopper grinder for brewed coffee with 3 batch size selection.Grinderseach433180

G 2.2 Dual Grinder
FetcoG 2.2 Dual Grinder2 hopper grinder for brewed coffee with 2 batch size selectionGrinderseach433050

G 2.3 Dual Grinder
FetcoG 2.3 Dual Grinder2 hopper grinder for brewed coffee with 3 batch size selectionGrinderseach433195

L3D-05 Luxus Dispenser
FetcoL3D-05 Luxus Dispenser0.5 gal stainless steel thermos with base attached.Thermal Serverseach422095

L3D-10 Luxus Dispenser
FetcoL3D-10 Luxus Dispenser1 gal stainless steel thermos with base attached.Thermal Serverseach422080

L3D-15 Luxus Dispenser
FetcoL3D-15 Luxus Dispenser1.5 gal stainless steel thermos with base attached.Thermal Serverseach422085

L3S-10 Server
FetcoL3S-10 Server1 gal stainless steel thermos.Thermal Serverseach422005

L3S-10-1 Single Stand
FetcoL3S-10-1 Single StandStand for 0.5, 1, or 1.5 gal thermos.Standseach422065

L3S-10-2 Double Stand
FetcoL3S-10-2 Double StandDual stand for 0.5, 1, or 1.5 gal thermos.Standseach422040

TPD-15 Luxus Dispenser
FetcoTPD-15 Luxus Dispenser1.5 gal stainless steel server.Thermal Serverseach422000

TPD-30 Luxus Dispenser
FetcoTPD-30 Luxus Dispenser3 gal stainless steel server.Thermal Serverseach422010

Evolution 2M HD Auto
FrankeEvolution 2M HD Auto2 step espresso machine.Espresso Machineeach430405

Evolution 2M HD CF
FrankeEvolution 2M HD CF1 step espresso machine with Venturi fridge.Espresso Machineeach430410

FrankeFlairCompact automatic espresso unit with multiple configurations, light commercial.Espresso Machineeach430415

French Press
Frieling USAFrench Press1 - 2 cup French press brewer, also available in 5-6 cup size.Brewerseach420600

CPS/Z C18 Tamper
MacapCPS/Z C18 TamperProfessional dynamometric tamper.Accessorieseach430735

4 Airpot Station
Newco4 Airpot StationRack for 4 airpot thermal servers. Also available in 6 station format.Standseach420245

4 Station Riser
Newco4 Station RiserRack for 4 thermal servers. Also available in 6 station format.Standseach420220

Creme De La Creme Dairy Server
NewcoCreme De La Creme Dairy ServerStainless steel 1 L dairy server.Milk & Cream Equipmenteach420255

KB AP/LD Brewer
NewcoKB AP/LD BrewerCoffee brewer used with 5 gal water bottle.Brewerseach431165

Short Vacuum Server
NewcoShort Vacuum ServerStainless steel 1.9 L coffee server.Thermal Serverseach420230

Stand For 2 Pump Pots
NewcoStand For 2 Pump PotsRack for 2 pump pot thermal servers.Standseach420210

Stand For 3 Pump Pots
NewcoStand For 3 Pump PotsRack for 3 pump pot thermal servers.Standseach420215

4 Cup Brewer
Proctor-Silex4 Cup BrewerHotel in-room-brewer, black with glass carafe. Brewerseach420800

500 Series Brewer
Proctor-Silex500 Series BrewerHotel in-room-brewer, black with stainless steel carafe.Brewerseach420810

Classe 7E 2G Compact
RancilioClasse 7E 2G Compact2 group espresso machine, compact for less counter space.Espresso Machineeach435135

Classe 9 S 4G
RancilioClasse 9 S 4G4 group espresso machine.Espresso Machineeach435095

Epoca E 1G
RancilioEpoca E 1GPlumbed-in 1 group espresso machine.Espresso Machineeach435050

Epoca E 2G
RancilioEpoca E 2G2 group espresso machine.Espresso Machineeach435000

Epoca St 1G
RancilioEpoca St 1GPour over 1 group espresso machine.Espresso Machineeach435040

Home Bar
RancilioHome BarStainless steel base for Rancilio Miss Silvia.Standseach435075

Kryo 65 AT
RancilioKryo 65 ATEspresso grinder, automatic.Grinderseach435125

Kryo 65 OD Grinder
RancilioKryo 65 OD GrinderEspresso grinder, on demand.Grinderseach435120

Kryo 65 ST Grinder
RancilioKryo 65 ST GrinderEspresso grinder, semi automatic.Grinderseach435115

MD 40
RancilioMD 40Low volume commercial grinder for brewed coffee.Grinderseach435035

Miss Silvia
RancilioMiss SilviaHome espresso machine.Espresso Machineeach435025

Rocky Doser
RancilioRocky DoserHome dosing grinder for brewed coffee.Grinderseach435060

Rocky SD- INOX
RancilioRocky SD- INOXHome grinder for brewed coffee.Grinderseach435030

Milk Mate 2005
Thermal ElectronicsMilk Mate 2005Thermal milk fridge.Milk & Cream Equipmenteach430805

ZojirushiAAPE 22SB2.2 L pump pot thermal server. Available in stainless steel or silver.Thermal Serverseach423090

AASB 22B/B Airpot
ZojirushiAASB 22B/B Airpot2.2 L pump pot thermal server, with lever-style pump.Thermal Serverseach423055

AFFB 19S Server
ZojirushiAFFB 19S Server1.8 L thermal carafe with contemporary yet classic styling, with an easy-touch quick serve button and large handle for safer and easier serving.Thermal Serverseach423115

AYAE Short Leg
ZojirushiAYAE Short Leg2.5 L thermal gravity pot beverage dispenser, with short leg to fit an APS brewer.Thermal Serverseach423110

BHS 19 SB Server
ZojirushiBHS 19 SB Server1.85 L thermal carafe with a patented Brew-Thru® lid to allow direct brewing under commercial brewers.Thermal Serverseach423065

SGC-80 Dispenser
ZojirushiSGC-80 DispenserThis heavy-duty 4 L satellite coffee server features an unbreakable all stainless steel construction and is adaptable to most large volume commercial coffee brewers.Thermal Serverseach423075

SH-DE 19 Server
ZojirushiSH-DE 19 Server1.83 L stainless steel coffee server with a patented Brew-Thru® lid for direct brewing.Thermal Serverseach423070

SR-AG30 Airpot
ZojirushiSR-AG30 Airpot3 L stainless steel pump pot thermal server, with lever-style pump.Thermal Serverseach423085

TLXA 25 Airpot
ZojirushiTLXA 25 Airpot2.5 L stainless steel thermal gravity pot server.Thermal Serverseach423095