First, Second and Third Wave Coffee Shops

First wave coffee shops, also known as “traditional” or “legacy” coffee shops, focus on providing a basic cup of coffee to customers.

Second wave coffee shops, also known as “specialty” coffee shops, emerged in the 1980s and 1990s. They focus on sourcing high-quality, specialty-grade coffee beans and use more advanced brewing methods to create unique and flavourful coffee drinks. They also place a greater emphasis on educating customers about coffee and the brewing process.

Third wave coffee shops, also known as “craft” or “artisanal” coffee shops, build upon the principles of 2nd wave coffee shops, but take it a step further by placing an even greater emphasis on sourcing and roasting high-quality, single-origin coffee beans. They also focus on precise brewing methods and often serve pour-over and siphon brewed coffee. They also prioritize sustainability and direct trade relationship with farmers.

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