Private Label

Your business and brand are growing, gaining more and more visibility across Canada. Canterbury can take your brand to the next level with Private Label coffee.

Our team and expert Q Graders will use data and insights to create custom coffee answers that fit your brand; whether it’s single-origin coffee or custom-blends in ground, whole bean or pods.


Consistency. When it comes to keeping your shelves stocked and customers coming back for more, consistency is paramount. Canterbury can provide the perfect blends and single origins for your brand. And our unparalleled customer service and facilities keep the supply chain moving across Canada, consistently.

Talk to our grocery experts about taking your brand to the next level.


Your national brand. Our coffee. Canterbury coffee experts are highly skilled at selecting the perfect blend to keep your guests coming back for more. Looking for service and equipment? We have over 40 year of experience of keeping the coffee flowing.

Did you know?

Canadians drink an average 2.8 cups a day (50+ years old Canadians drink more than 3.5 cups)