Stepping lightly

When it comes to commitments, we say what we’re going to do. We do it. Then we go looking for more.

Our goal is to leave the world in a better condition than how we found it; being a good citizen of our country and, even more so, our planet. To us, taking care is never a fad. It’s our philosophy in action.

Better ways

We’re always looking for more ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in our roasteries, offices and operations, and we proudly feature products that have sustainability as a focus. Here are just some of the activities we’ve done to date:

  • Developing compostable coffee pods for single-serve coffee
  • Feature products that are certified Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic and B Corporation
  • Reducing emissions and odour with thermal oxidizers on our roasteries
  • Saving thousands of trees by using the CHEP pallet exchange program
  • Composting chaff, a roasting by-product that is normally thrown out
  • Up-cycling burlap sacks for the forest and landscaping industries
  • Working with Perk.Eco to create end-of-life solutions for coffee shop waste, for our partners and our branches!”

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