We often talk about our labels as a family of brands. And in some ways, they really are a family. Each one has its own distinct personality and place within the Canterbury home. So come on in and meet the crew.

Canterbury Roastery is the culmination of our entire coffee journey to date. It’s a carefully selected collection of our favourite blends, single-origin, espresso and decaf coffees all with one promise in mind: to give you, our customers, everything you need to brew the best tasting coffee, every time.

The collection delivers consistently delicious coffee, roasted to bring out the best in each bean. We source only high-quality 100% Arabica beans, chosen from select regions across the world. And you choose from a wide selection of both Fairtrade and Organic sources, as well as Conventional products too.

To top it off, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of Canterbury Roastery, will help support our local and coffee farmers and their communities.

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Our Brands & Partners

  • Sacred Acre

    Born from our passion for coffee, our Sacred Acre coffees are chosen from farming families who grow some of the world’s most unique and flavourful coffees.
    Their knowledge of how to harvest, select, and deliver these beans has been passed down for generations, and now we pass the results onto you in our Sacred Acre coffees.

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  • A logo consisting of a blue triangle with a blue-and-white illustration of a person wearing a traditional headdress at the top. Below the illustration, the text "DOI CHAANG" is written in capital letters. The background is white.

    Doi Chaang

    Doi Chaang Coffee is made using Organic, Fairtrade, shade-grown beans from Thailand, and it’s also Beyond Fair Trade. This means offering beyond Fairtrade premium prices and supporting a unique, direct-trade partnership with our farmers.

    Doi Chaang Coffee has also received critical acclaim for its pleasing, nuanced flavour.

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  • Spirit Bear

    Since 2006, Spirit Bear Coffee Company has been sourcing some of the finest Organic and Fairtrade coffees in the world. At coffee origins in Central and South America, Asia and Africa, they support the health of farmers through organic farming methods and Fairtrade premiums.

    Their mission is to deliver an exceptional coffee experience and provide First Nations communities and organizations with economic assistance through fundraising programs, donations and partnerships.

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  • OneCoffee

    Our desire to bring a more sustainable option to single-serve coffee led to the launch of OneCoffee in 2013. A lot goes into every OneCoffee pod. First, our team finds the right farmers who grow the best, Fairtrade and Organic beans. Then our Q Grader, one of Canada’s only certified coffee experts, tests each batch to make sure that it meets our high-quality standards. Finally, each portion of coffee is wrapped up in a 100% certified compostable pod. So kudos to you, coffee drinker, you’re helping to do good with every sip.

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  • Dickson’s

    With over 100 years of brewing heritage, Dickson’s coffee brings you a high standard of taste, with the dependable, smooth and balanced flavour it has always been known for.

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  • Melrose

    Melrose Coffee began in Winnipeg in 1906, with coffee being sold by bicycle. Today, coffee is sourced from the top five coffee-producing countries in the world, to create consistently great tasting blends.

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