Company & Culture

To most people, making a cup of coffee is easy. Routine, even.

We know it takes years of growing, months of research, and dozens of people working over thousands of kilometers to procure our coffee beans. Then, every day, we orchestrate hundreds of people across the continent to make coffee and tea simpler for you.

Our customer-focused approach is guided by care and intention, unparalleled roasting skill, and fast, effective delivery of some of the world’s best beverages. Canterbury simply serves quality day in, day out.

We call it being Routinely Exceptional.

About Canterbury

Since 1981, Canterbury Coffee has worked to grow, adapt, and innovate. That drive to keep improving is what has made us one of Canada’s leading roasters.

Great care and purpose go into creating exceptional coffee, starting with the green beans that we purchase to make sure our coffee is roasted to perfection.

Our certified Arabica Q Graders ensure every bag of coffee leaving the roastery meets our high standards of quality and taste.

In turn, we utilize a variety of roasting techniques and equipment to unlock the distinct aromas and flavours of our high-quality, high-grown coffee beans.