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Women in Coffee: Gender Equality Conference in Colombia

Thirty women from Peru and Colombia gathered together for three days of coffee production training – and discovered profound insights that will change their work, and their lives.

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  • Top 8 Beverage-Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

    As consumers’ tastes change, menus and marketing need to evolve and keep pace. Here are eight trends Canterbury’s coffee and beverage experts are watching this year—and what you need to know to make the most of them as a buyer, barista or coffee-shop owner.

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  • The Road Ahead

    CAC President Robert Carter talks with Canterbury Coffee about the year ahead for the Canadian coffee industry.

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  • Golden Bean World Series Winners

    Coffee roasters from all over the world took part in the first ever Golden Bean World’s Series that took place in Hawaii November 29 to Dec 2, 2022. The event is billed as a final competition between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere to see who is the world’s best coffee roaster.

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  • CAC 2022

    The Coffee Association of Canada held its 2022 annual conference in Toronto on November 14. The conference brings together large and small companies, as well as individuals from across Canada to discuss the current state of the industry. This year’s conference included a panel on the latest data and research.

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  • Avant-garde Hot Chocolates

    Adult palettes want more sophisticated flavours that deliver comfort with a twist. Interesting flavour combinations, premium toppings, and Instagramability all increase a customer’s willingness to try something new.

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