Routinely roasting exceptional coffee

Routinely exceptional is our brand spirit. Our roasteries bring this spirit to life, delivering high-quality, consistent coffee every day. To do this, we invite third parties to inspect every detail of our facilities, equipment and products to make sure they are consistently best-in-class.

Our Capabilities

Perforated Drum Roasters

Perforated drum roasters allow the green coffee beans to be in almost direct contact with the burner’s flame, which is why it is also called the direct-fired style of roaster. They create a robust style of roast that allows the characteristics of the coffee bean to shine without imparting a specific taste to the finished product.

Solid Drum Roasters

Solid drum roasters apply indirect heat to the coffee beans using a burner located outside of the roasting drum. This method creates a dramatically different airflow inside the roasting drum and gives the roasted coffee a smoky taste.

Looking for more detail on our roasting equipment? Check out this incredible video from one of our drum suppliers, Burns Roasters.

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