Gravimetric System

A gravimetric system is a method of measuring and controlling the amount of coffee and water used in the brewing process. It is based on the principle of weighing the coffee and water to ensure precise and consistent results.

Brews coffee with a maximum precision focusing on a higher level of consistency and accuracy. It could be referenced in brewing and grinding coffee, since there are gravimetric machines and grinders.

Canterbury Coffee Training Manager, Lenka Bohorova.

A gravimetric system typically consists of a scale, a brewing device, and a control system. The scale is used to weigh the coffee beans and the water, and the control system is used to monitor and adjust the brewing process. The brewing device is used to brew the coffee using a precise amount of coffee and water.

A gravimetric system allows for precise and consistent control of the coffee-to-water ratio, which is crucial for achieving a consistent and high-quality cup of coffee. It ensures that the same amount of coffee and water is used in each brew, and it eliminates the guesswork and variability associated with other brewing methods.

Gravimetric systems are widely used in professional settings such as coffee shops, roasteries, and quality control labs, but they are also available for home use. They are considered to be the most accurate method of brewing coffee, and they are widely used by baristas and coffee professionals to ensure the quality of the coffee they serve.

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