A small, exclusive batch of coffee beans that are grown, harvested, and processed together. Implies a single producer, and often a specific growing area and cultivar within a farm.

Micro-lots are considered to be of high quality and are often used by specialty coffee roasters and connoisseurs. Micro-lots are usually produced in small quantities, often less than 100 bags, and are often grown using specific techniques. They are often grown by small-scale farmers and are hand-picked, sorted and processed with great care, to ensure high-quality beans.

The small batch size of the micro-lot means that it can have unique and distinct characteristics that are different from larger, commercial lots. The unique characteristics of a micro-lot are often due to the specific growing conditions, such as the altitude, soil, and weather, and the farming practices used.

Micro-lot coffees are often used in specialty coffee shops and cafes, they are also sold as single-origin coffees, which allows the consumer to taste the unique characteristics of a specific farm or region. They are also used in competitions to showcase the skills of the farmer and the unique characteristics of the coffee.

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