Fairtrade Month 2023

October 1st is the start of Fairtrade Month, an opportunity to bring awareness and celebrate this global movement dedicated to securing fairer prices and better working conditions for farmers and workers. 

Stirring Up a Positive Change  

Fairtrade is driven by a commitment to uplift producers and their communities. It’s not just about ensuring they receive a minimum price for their hard work; it’s about embracing fairness and equity. 

With the addition of Fairtrade Premiums, farmers can invest further in their business and communities. Moreover, Fairtrade’s unique Global System is a partnership between producers and the certifying bodies. Producers carry 50% of the voting power at the General Assembly and are also actively consulted when establishing new Fairtrade standards, prices, and policies.  

Fairtrade Marks the Spot 

How can you be part of this movement? It’s as simple as looking for the Fairtrade Mark on the products you purchase. This certification label is assurance that a product meets the International Fairtrade Standards – a blend of social, economic, and environmental requirements. 

When you choose products adorned with this mark, you’re helping to contribute to Fairtrade’s journey in ensuring a fairer trade system. 

To find a list of Fairtrade products Canterbury Coffee offers, visit the Coffee and More Than Coffee catalogues and look for the “FT” or “FTO” indicators beside the product description. 

Want to know more about Fairtrade?  

Visit the Fairtrade Canada website for a more in-depth look into Fairtrade or find out ways you can participate in Fairtrade month.