Spring Trends to Refresh Your Menu

Embracing on trend flavours is one of the easiest ways for businesses to attract customers.

Green Smoothie

As spring arrives, businesses are introducing their new menus for the season. Let’s explore what Canterbury’s beverage experts have identified as the top trends.

1. Sweet & Savory 

Lavender Haze Lemonade

Consumers are enjoying the contrast between sweet and savory flavours. To capitalize on this trend, businesses can introduce new beverages or incorporate sweet and savory ingredients into limited time offers. Add rosemary, basil, or thyme sprigs to specialty drinks like the Lavender Haze Lemonade pictured above.

Operators can further lean into this trend by adding turmeric to their menu. Turmeric was named one of the top 20 fastest growing flavours last year[1], and has become increasingly popular amoung consumers, providing both an indulgent drink and contributing to their well-being. Consumers seek not just satisfying flavours, they also actively seek beverages that come with health benefits, and turmeric, known for its rich nutritional content, fits the bill.

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2. Fantasy Flavours

Torani Blue Raspberry Syrup and Blue Raspberry Lemonade

One fifth of Canadian coffee drinkers are interested in unique offerings that cannot be replicated at home.[2]Millennials and Gen Z are at the forefront of this trend, with a third of them seeking fantasy flavours – colourful flavours that feature a few different taste profiles. This category has experienced a 23% annual growth over the past three years.

Canterbury’s favourites are Blue Raspberry and Passionfruit. They are not only delicious but also come in exciting colours, perfect for adding a pop of colour to any menu.

Blue Raspberry has been consistently popular for over a decade,[3] making it a great addition to seasonal items, especially as the weather warms up. Its versatility allows it to complement cold drinks and coffee. Plus, its vibrant blue colour appeals to consumers,[4] and it has a delicious raspberry taste. 

On the other hand, citrus flavours are capturing consumer interest. Passionfruit was among the top 20 fastest-growing flavours last year[5] and is rapidly gaining popularity in quick-serve restaurants. 

Operators can enhance their menu in a cost-effective way by simply adding these two new ingredients into their cafe offerings.

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3. Floral Fascination

Torani Lavender Syrup

Lavender has become a rapidly popular ingredient when combined with coffee, making it one of the fastest-growing trends in the coffee industry[6], and one of the top 20 fastest growing flavours in the past three years.[7]

Baristas have embraced this trend, displaying their creativity by crafting delicious drinks such as a lavender latte. This combination yields a beverage that is both smooth and creamy, with a sweet flavour profile. The floral notes of lavender complement the richness of espresso, resulting in a truly indulgent specialty beverage. For a refreshing twist, try it over ice! 

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4. Make it Personal 

Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce drizzling over a hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Gen Z is rapidly becoming more crucial to the foodservice industry, surpassing millennials in significance. This younger demographic is projected to contribute over a quarter of the total spending at chains in Canada, marking the highest spending among all generations.

To adapt to the preferences of Gen-Z, operators should adjust their strategies by placing a greater emphasis on menu development, particularly beverage innovation and personalization. 

Gen Z customers like personalized experiences and often share their unique creations on social media. Businesses can benefit from this trend by allowing customers to customize their orders with various add-ons and tweaks. The more options available, the more valuable the drink becomes. Cafes can update their menus with new flavours and provide choices for personalization, like adding cinnamon or a tasty sauce, to help customers create the Instagram-worthy beverage they desire.

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5. Less Buzz

Canterbury Roastery Swiss Water Process decaf Fairtrade Organic dark roast coffee

The demand for low-caffeine beverages is driven by health-conscious millennials, especially those aiming to decrease their caffeine consumption. On average, individuals who prefer decaffeinated beverages consume two cups of decaf daily[8], fueling a market that is expected to reach approximately $30 billion in the next six years.[9]

Canterbury offers a lineup of Fairtrade, Organic and Swiss Water Processed Decaf Coffee. This chemical-free process removes 99.9% of the caffeine while not impacting the taste.

For those looking to limit their caffeine intake, decaf coffee is not the only option. There is a variety of tea alternatives, including tea lattes, herbal teas, and refreshers, providing customers with suitable alternatives to coffee.

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6. Better for You Beverages

Healthy green smoothie with Dr.Smoothie Leafy Greens.

Reducing caffeine is not the only health conscious choice for consumers. Choosing drinks with fewer calories, no added sugar, or turning to healthier options. In fact, more than seven in ten people worldwide think it is important to order drinks that are better for their nutrition.[10]

Cafes can attract health-conscious customers by offering Torani Sugar-Free Syrups. Customers can enjoy all the flavour they love in their favorite drinks without any added sugar.  

Improving the nutritional value of your menu boosts the perceived value of your offerings. Adding a scoop of greens or using low-calorie milk alternatives can make customers more willing to pay a higher price.[11]

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