Dairy-Free & Sugar-Free Hot Chocolates

Did you know that 44% of Canadians are lactose intolerant?* It’s even higher in adults at 65%. Why not acknowledge this information, and have a feature drink be non-dairy?

Check out the C-oat-conut Hot Chocolate recipe here

Advertise your milk alternative options on your feature board. Customers don’t know what you have behind the counter and aren’t going to guess. This applies to sugar-free options too.

To appeal to a mature audience, consider offering a sugar-free chocolate base, like Torani Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sauce. Ideal for anyone watching their sugar intake, this sauce delivers a punch of rich, dark chocolate without being a sugar bomb.

The goal is to make it easy for your customer to say yes. Show them what they want, the way they want it, and they’ll visit you season after season.