Hot Chocolate Month 2022

November is Hot Chocolate Month at Canterbury. Prepare for Winter with a month full of hot chocolate recipes & tips to help build up your menu options.

Hot chocolate is tied to childhood memories; cold winters, grandma’s house, and an excuse to eat four marshmallows. It is happiness in a cup, but it can be challenging to appeal to a more mature palette. However, with creative recipes and a splash of insight, you’ll have customers banging at your door.

But, what can you do to this cozy classic to draw in new customers and satisfy your regulars?

Don’t be afraid to do some testing and get creative. Adding a dash of spice or even a savoury twist are easy, delicious ways to appeal to an adult base and tells your audience that this isn’t their children’s hot chocolate.

Check out the Hot Chai-ocolate recipe here

This is only a taste of what is to come this month. Stay tuned for even more hot chocolate tips and recipes.