Fall into Flavour: 8 Trends to Embrace This Season

With the fall season quickly approaching, there is no better time to embrace the evolving tastes of consumers when planning your menu.

To keep your guests coming back for more, and to ensure they can justify their spend, Canterbury’s coffee and beverage experts have identified eight trends to watch so you can make the most out this season. 

1. Pumpkin: The classic fall favourite 

It wouldn’t be fall without the iconic pumpkin flavour dominating the scene. While your guests may be already familiar with classic beverages like pumpkin spice lattes, using the flavour in unique ways, such as combining it with chocolate or turmeric, can set your menu offerings apart.

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2. Salty, sweet, and oh-so-irresistible  

The drive for novelty and innovation are putting unconventional twists on even the most mainstream menus. Implementing a new shelf-stable syrup such as kettle corn, is a great way for operators to plug a nostalgic, trendy new flavour into their classic recipes and to easily attract Gen Zers and Millennials that crave unique beverages.  

Coffee consumption continues to be driven by the younger generations, and by bringing in new menu items and limited time offers, businesses can resonate with this audience.

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3. Maple magic 

The Coffee Association of Canada (CAC) highlights that one third of consumers are looking for beverage innovation, with new and unique flavours driving their purchase intents. Maple, with its blend of natural sweetness and richness, is a great seasonal offering that can diversify your menu. 

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4. The cool rise of cold coffee 

Cold Coffee is no longer just for hot weather. Over the past decade, guest demand has stayed strong throughout the colder months. CAC highlighted that this growing trend is fueled by younger generations, supporting the rise in cold drinks sales. Consumer trends have been driving constant innovation, creating options for customization and making cold coffee one of the most exciting markets in the beverage industry. To implement this trend in your business, check out Canterbury Coffee’s Beginner’s Guide to Cold. 

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5. Coconut craze  

Coconut is a highly versatile flavour that can be incorporated into various drinks such as mochas, lattes and even smoothies. Its fruity taste profile works well with salty, sweet, and even spicy beverage creations, giving you an endless realm of combinations to implement into your menu without expanding your pantry. 

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6. Everything plant-based  

Consumers are seeking a greater variety of choices when it comes to plant-based products as the demand for alternative milk options continues to rise, becoming the largest growing plant-based category. 

Oat milk has emerged as a popular milk solution, as its creaminess and sweetness make it a versatile beverage for baristas to substitute into almost any menu item.

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7. Lavender infusion  

While lavender has been a consistently popular seasonal flavour, innovation fueled by evolving consumer preferences are continuing to drive this flavour throughout the beverage industry all year round. CAC highlighted that more consumers are seeking functional beverages that claim to relieve stress, and lavender, with its calming properties, can do just that.

Our beverage experts suggest getting creative with your menu by adding a few pumps of lavender syrup to provide customers with a new range of beverages, such as a Lavender Hot Chocolate or a Lavender Lemonade.

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8. Brown sugar cinnamon   

Since large coffee chains have caught on to the brown sugar trend, it has continued to be a popular flavour in cafes. However, consumers are yearning for more unconventional beverages, and introducing a new syrup, such as brown sugar cinnamon, is an easy way to stand out from competitors. Its lightly spiced and sweet flavours pair well with coffee, and even tea.

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For new and original beverage ideas, visit Canterbury Coffee’s Drink Recipes Page, or contact our Beverage Solution Providers