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The Road Ahead

CAC President Robert Carter talks with Canterbury Coffee about the year ahead for the Canadian coffee industry.

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  • Avant-garde Hot Chocolates

    Adult palettes want more sophisticated flavours that deliver comfort with a twist. Interesting flavour combinations, premium toppings, and Instagramability all increase a customer’s willingness to try something new.

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  • Hot Chocolate Month 2022

    November is Hot Chocolate Month at Canterbury. Prepare for Winter with a month full of hot chocolate recipes & tips to help build up your seasonal menu options.

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  • Oat Nog : A New Tradition

    Oat Nog is back! Launched in 2021, Earth’s Own Oat Nog was a runaway hit. Now it’s back in stock at Canterbury Coffee for a limited time.

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  • Hand-Crafted Cold Brew

    As soon as the warm weather hit this year, iced coffee season jumped into full gear. And we’re not just talking about hot-brewed coffee poured over ice.

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  • Deep-Cleaning Your Burr Grinder

    Coffee particles and oil can coat your hopper, burrs, and chamber. As the oils coat the inside of your grinder, they get old and will start to give your espresso an unpleasant taste – no matter how delicious your beans may be.

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