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Hot Summer Trends to Keep Your Customers Cool 

Limited time offers are a strategy in the foodservice industry to create excitement, drive sales, and attract more customers. Canterbury’s beverage experts have identified the top summer beverage trends to beat the heat and innovate your business’s menu.

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  • Canterbury’s Guide to Winter Beverage Trends

    In the beverage industry, it’s innovative seasonal offerings that make menus stand out. Canterbury’s beverage experts have identified seven flavour trends for winter that will give your beverage program a unique twist.

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  • Fall into Flavour: 8 Trends to Embrace This Season

    With the fall season quickly approaching, there is no better time to embrace the evolving tastes of consumers. Canterbury’s coffee and beverage experts have identified eight trends to watch so you can make the most out of your menu this season. 

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  • Avant-garde Hot Chocolates

    Adult palettes want more sophisticated flavours that deliver comfort with a twist. Interesting flavour combinations, premium toppings, and Instagramability all increase a customer’s willingness to try something new.

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  • Hot Chocolate Month 2022

    November is Hot Chocolate Month at Canterbury. Prepare for Winter with a month full of hot chocolate recipes & tips to help build up your seasonal menu options.

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