Canterbury’s Guide to Winter Beverage Trends

In the beverage industry, it’s innovative seasonal offerings that make menus stand out. 

With the winter season quickly approaching, customers are eagerly anticipating the return of comforting seasonal drinks from their favourite cafes.  

To support operators with their seasonal menu planning, Canterbury’s beverage experts have identified seven flavour trends that will give your beverage program a unique twist. 

1. Sweet, Spice, and Everything Nice 

Torani’s Winter Spice Syrup is a distinctive blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and subtle notes of citrus. 

Introducing a seasonal shelf-stable syrup like Winter Spice is an excellent strategy for operators. It allows them to add a new trendy flavour into their traditional recipes, effectively drawing in one third of consumers who seek innovative beverages.1

Operators can enhance the beverage with a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon on top, not only for a delightful aroma, but also to create a visually appealing feature drink.

Trend essentials: Torani Winter Spice Syrup, Recipes 

[1] 2022 Technomic, Inc.

2. Chai Emerges as the Ultimate Winter Indulgence 

Chai is always a popular seasonal choice and a menu must-have. This year, the Canadian Association of Coffee highlighted that operators can expect to see chai used in unexpected and inventive ways to satisfy customers seeking variety.2 Think Creamy Chai FrappeSpiced Flat White, and Hot Chai-ocolate.

Trend essentials: Ambient Moon Chai ConcentrateCanterbury’s Chai Recipes

[2] 2022 Technomic, Inc.

3. Plant-Based Innovations 

Consumers are demanding a variety of alternative milk products, and brands like Earth’s Own are leading the way.

Eggnog, a traditional seasonal drink, has been reinvented as a vegan alternative thanks to Earth’s Own Oat Nog. This creamy oat-based beverage is a holiday treat that can be enjoyed in hot chocolates, lattes, and mochas.

Trend essentials: Caramel Oat Nog LatteOat Nog Mocha

4. From Cookies to Lattes: Gingerbread is Dominating the Winter Flavour Scene 

Gingerbread is a highly popular flavour in the market right now. Adding it to your cafe’s menu not only creates a memorable beverage experience, but also meets a consumer demand. 

In the last two years, a quarter of consumers actively sought out gingerbread as a drink topping.3 Gingerbread-infused beverages are a great way to enhance your seasonal offerings and keep customers coming back for more.

Trend essentials: Torani Gingerbread syrupGingerbread Chai

[3] Technomic Ignite Menu Data, Q2 2022-Q1 2023. 

5. Timeless Seasonal Favourites   

During the winter season, consumers gravitate towards familiar and comforting flavours, and apple cider has firmly secured its place as a cold-weather favourite. 

Incorporating this timeless beverage into your business’s menu can greatly enhance its overall appeal. By featuring apple cider alongside your cafe’s core beverage options, operators can provide a reliable, low-risk choice for customers.

Trend essentials: Pearson’s Liquid Apple Cider Concentrate, Apple Cider Recipes

6. Peppermint and Beyond: Mint’s Diverse Impact on Seasonal Flavours  

Mint continues to grow in popularity year after year.4 For cafe operators, adding mint to their menu is a strategic move. Whether in hot or cold drinks, mint brings a refreshing touch that consumers crave, especially in the winter. 

Candy cane and peppermint stand out as exceptional options for operators seeking to leverage the popularity of mint in unique and unconventional ways. These iconic flavours bring a nostalgic holiday charm, and using these flavours as a garnish or in seasonal drinks can give menus a distinctive edge.  

Trend essentials: Torani Peppermint Syrup, Torani Peppermint Bark SauceHoliday Chai

[4] Technomic Ignite Menu Data, Q2 2022-Q1 2023. 

7. Cinnamon’s Resurgence in Seasonal Drinks 

The popularity of using cinnamon as a drink topping has surged in the last two years. Now, more than 6 out of 10 consumers prefer to add a sprinkle of cinnamon to their beverage.5

This addition brings a natural sweetness and a subtle spiciness that pairs well with a variety of drinks, including coffee, hot chocolate, chai tea, and apple cider, helping to create that initial aromatic experience. Additionally, cinnamon serves as an aesthetically pleasing garnish, with its fine powder adding an attractive touch to the overall presentation of the drink.

Trend essentials: Stasero Cinnamon Topping

[5] Technomic Ignite Menu Data, Q2 2022-Q1 2023.

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