A New Way to Think About Green Coffee.


Coffee typically has a rich, roasted flavour profile, so we sometimes forget that it comes from the seed of a fruit similar to a cherry. Most of that toasty flavour we associate with coffee comes from the roasting process, but there’s a new way to think about those coffee beans – green coffee.


Green coffee beans are unroasted beans taken from the inside of the cherry, each cherry comes with a pair of green beans. Since the 20th century, we’ve started hearing more about green coffee and all its benefits. There are many sources that will tell you that green coffee extract is great for weight loss, whether or not you believe that – we love it for something completely different!

Green coffee extract is made from the unroasted bean taken straight from the coffee cherry. These beans are soaked in water to extract the caffeine.


Extracting caffeine from the unroasted coffee bean is a different way of thinking in the coffee industry, and it opens the door for fruity and floral flavours that taste nothing like roasted coffee.


The newest addition to our offerings here at Canterbury, is Dr. Smoothie Refreshers, a beverage made from green coffee beans. These delicious beverages blend fruit juices with green coffee extract in bright flavours like, Strawberry Açai and Watermelon Cucumber Mint. Handcrafted with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and sweetened with pure cane sugar – this group of clean label products delivers customers a premium cold option when looking for a caffeine buzz.

If you’re looking for more information on green coffee, or the Dr. Smoothie Refreshers line, contact your local sales representative.