Inspired by OneCoffee’s organic, fair trade and 99% biodegradable* Keurig-compatible pods, 10 honourees celebrate More OK moments in history—moments when everyday things evolved into something slightly better. Take for example the bendy straw, which in a definitive More OK moment, prevented unsuspecting beverage consumers from stabbing themselves in the roof of their mouth.

OneCoffee is a More OK choice for single-serve coffee users because most Keurig compatible pods are just OK. Together, OneCoffee and the More OK Hall Of Fame are committed to celebrating history’s greatest More OK moments, such as the evolution of the twist off beer cap, the unrolling of two-ply toilet paper, and OneCoffee’s own organic, fair trade and 99% biodegradable* Keurig-compatible pods.

The “More OK Hall of Fame” is hosted by the somewhat renowned comedian Brian Calvert, and available online at

*Based on weight, exclusive of wrappers and box. OneCoffee can be commercially composted, after filter is removed. Facilities may not exist in your area. OneCoffee™ has no affiliation with Keurig Inc. or K-cup®.